freshroom slideYesterday, I got a chance to visit Cliho Freshroom Tokyo Guest House near Akatsuka station on Tobu Tojo Line. It is a gracious, beautiful guest house located near the major city centers of Tokyo. It has 24 rooms, all furnished with the basic amenities of life.  The excellent transport network on the doorsteps of the guest house means you can reach any of the major districts of Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, and, Shibuya within 30 minutes by train,

The guest house offers its facilities to the guests who are planning to stay in Tokyo for more than a month. It offers all the basic amenities a busy lifestyle would require to stay in this megacity.

The kitchen area serves as a hub for guests to socialize with one another. You could see pictures of residents from Japan and other parts of the world beautifuly decorated on the kitchen walls.The guests also organize various events to get to know each other more intimately.

It is surrounded by all types of restaurants offering delicuious dishes to their customers. I heard there was a Nepalese restaurant nearby. But I still need to confirm whether it offers Halal dishes or not. But you could always cook your favourite halal dishes in the large shared kitchen inside the guest house if you wanted to.

There are quite a few grocery shops, and, at least one big super market nearby where you could do your shopping for the day and keep your stuff inside the refrigerator provided for the purpose.

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