jr shinjuku stationAfter living in Japan for such a long period of time, I have started taking lot of things for granted.  However, this morning, I was stunned to see a video on THE busiest station on the face of the earth which is Shinjuku, Tokyo, a mere 23 minutes’ of train distance from where I live.  The statistics given in the video are staggering. Please watch this movie and try to visit this marvellous station and the mega city of Tokyo  as soon as you can as you will be startled to see this wonder of the modern world.

After watching this move, if you believe you still want to know more about any thing Japan, please feel free to ask me any questions related to the station, Tokyo, or even Japan. I will be happy to answer any of the question you may pose to me.”

Around the station, you will be able to find quite a few halal restaurants which serve various halal cuisines.

The video bombards you, the viewer,its  with a barrage of incredible statistics. Three million people pass through at rush hour and a train arrives every three seconds on one of its 35 platforms. At peak times, there are only two minutes between trains on the same line. 4000 people get off. each train and another 4000 then get on in order to keep everything on track. 25,000 trains go through the overground and underground platforms at Shinjuku Station every day. The guards only have 30 seconds to load each train. In fact, the trains have double the numbers they were designed to take. In the past, I used to pass through this station almost every day during the rush hours. However, luckily, the nature of my job is changed now. I do not have to ride trains on rush hours anymore.  What a sigh of relief I have now!!

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