tokyoTaking a first glance at the thrilling, stunning, and seductive city of Tokyo, in fact, the largest city of Japan,  from a distance – it might seem like a concrete jungle. But just one step closer is needed to see the real city; it’s full of beautiful and amazing places, priceless for travellers.. This is a city of wonders. 

The city is a wonderful mix of ultra-modern living and old-fashioned manners playing their magic side by side, slick high-tech gadgets and cutesy cartoon mascots. It’s terribly crowded at some places, yet can be strangely quie at some otjher places. It’s home to the understated, and the wacky, and you often find them right next to each other on the sidewalk. That’s the beauty of this not-so-pretty city which is full of all the extremes one could think of.

There are shrines and stone lanterns and other traces of old Japan scattered among the skyscrapers, swanky shopping malls and hole-in-the-wall noodle shops. The trick is to sample it all, to visit the serene garden and the massive office tower with a sky deck. Here’s how to see the loveliest — and liveliest — sides of Tokyo in a day or two.

You will find every thing in the city you could imagine on the face of the earth.  History, culture, hip-hop culture, post-modern museums, restaurants offering all sorts of cuisines from all over the world, Mosques, temples, chrches and what not.  What else do you want to find in this metropolitan city of 23 million people? Indeed, Tokyo stuns with its countless contrasts. It has some thing to offer to people of all tastes.

Following are the top five ways you could explore Tokyo to mqake your visit to the city worthwhile.

  • Modern Tokyo: Shinjuku, Ginza, Shibuya, Akihabara, etc.
  • Historical and traditional City: Asakusa, Yanaka, Ueno, etc.
  • Japanese gardens: Shinjukugyoen, Koishikawa-korakuen, etc.
  • Water front: Odaiba, Koto ward area
  • Quiet Tokyo: Nerima, Nishi Tokyo
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