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Mrs. Istanbul is a lovely Halal restaurant located at the Haneda International Airport Domestic terminal 2. Are you planning to
From the owner of Al Flah supermarket, an authentic Pakistani restaurant popular with Muslim customers from many different countries. All
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Suzuya is a great halal friendly restaurant located in Gifu Prefecture in area Central Japa. They offer variety of Japanese
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Bengal Kitchen Shizuoka was established by a Muslim brother from Bangladesh. Since then, he has been offering delicious halal cuisines to local Japanese as well as Muslims from japan and abroad. He told us that lot of Muslim brothers and sisters from Indonesia, and China visit his shop to enjoy tasty halal food at reasonable cost.
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Uyghur Cuisine in Muqam Restaurant reflects the cooking styles of many ethnic groups of the Xingjiang region in China, and
SEKAI CAFE -Asakusa, Tokyo are committed to serving customers with food restrictions due to religion and allergy enjoy their meals.
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A great Indonesian restaurant offering halal food to travelers as well as local Muslims alike. Opening hours: [Lunch] 11:00-15:00 [Dinner]
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PRAN PONE means “heart and soul” in language of Bangladesh. I’m Bangladeshi Muslim. We make and serve Halal Italian food
The non-pork/non-alcohol lunch menu comes in 3 choices which are Tamagotoji(egg bound) soba set, agemochi(fried mochi) soba set, and kake soba (regular soba) set. Soba Noodles,Tempura (Deep Fried Shrimp and Vegetables),Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub).
The restaurant has partial Halal menu. Aarti is a popular Indian restaurant or grocery store serving Indian food. This restaurant though no vegan is very vegan and vegetarian friendly. One of the staff’s English is quite good so you can communicate well if you speak english. Excellent food and great customer service by the owner himself.
A place where you can enjoy great taste at low price. “Kebab sandwich” made by sandwiching fresh vegetables and meat slowly marinated in our original sauce using lots of spices in pita bread is popular in our store. Slowly grilled meat and crispy vegetables are packed in the pita bread. You can try this filling dish.
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