navitime-japanTokyo:- NAVITIME Japan has further expanded its “NAVITIME for Japan Travel” services. An Android navigation app, the first of its kind in Japan, will enable foreign visitors to search door-to-door travel routes and be shown displays of trains they can travel on specifically when they use the Japan Rail Pass.

The Japan Rail Pass is offered jointly by six companies under the JR Group, which is for tourists who come to Japan for sightseeing purposes. With the pass, rail-pass holders can ride certain shinkansen (bullet) trains as well as express trains and local trains operated by JR, as often as they like while the pass is valid.

NAVITIME Japan CEO Keisuke Onishi said, “The unique feature of this new service is that rail-pass holders can search door-to-door travel routes and be provided a display of routes that give a priority to routes on which they can use the Japan Rail Pass.”

The app displays shinkansen (bullet train)and other trains, in addition to the Tokyo Monorail, which pass-holders can travel on when they use the pass. And what is useful is the service’s ability to filter out trains that cannot be used to travel on, such as the Nozomi and Mizuho shinkansen trains. The travel routes displayed take this factor into consideration and first show only routes on trains on which the Japan Rail Pass can be used. This is a welcome application for budget travelers.

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