muslim friendly toilets in japanFew days back while I was using a toilet in a busy station in Central Tokyo, I noticed a strange phenomenon.  The authorities had fixed a hand shower along with the electric bidet which you could use to wash yourself.  That was amazing in that I had never seen such a toilet in Japan like this.  What an improvement!  

In fact, this has been one of the major issue for me ever since I came to Japan in 1995 as a university student.  I had trouble using public toilets because they did not have any proper arrangements to wash oneself. Most of the time we had to take a pet bottle to wash ourselves in the public toilets.  Some times, we were able to find electric toilets which we could use to wash ourselves.  But this toilet having a hand shower to wash  was really a huge surprise to me

The fact of the matter is that the Japanese government as well as private sector in the country is taking measures to satisfy Muslim visitors especially from Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia  Of course this has been one of the most important requirement for a Muslim to be able to wash themselves properly after using a toilet.  This  is a great step in attracting more and more Musim visitors to japan and certainly a positive development for the Muslims living in the country as well

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