modern japanese toiletIslam gives great importance to cleanliness. We are required not only to clean ourselves at all the times but also clean our surroundings as well. However, unfortunately, as you may all know, in many Muslim countries, not many people think about the concept of cleanliness seriously.  Japan is a totally different story when it comes to the matter of toilet cleanliness, especially, in public places.

Personally, I have yet to see a country where public toilets are so easily available and so clean as in Japan. No other non-Muslim country except Japan offers such Muslim-friendly toilets so abundantly.

Wherever you go in the country you can find a suitable toilet to meet your needs. And, you do not have to pay even a penny to use them. Almost every shop, whether big or small, has a usable toilet.

You can find these clean toilets in public parks, shopping centers, small shops, convenience stores, airports, and restaurants.


japanese bathroomThese toilets come in all varieties and shapes.  At some places, there are even changing rooms for babies as well. Enter a modern Japanese home or super market and you will be amazed by the cleanliness of their bathrooms.  They are undoubtedly the world`s best bathrooms with array of high-tech functions like posterior shower jets to perfume bursts and noise-masking audio effects. These water jets spray you in all directions. These bathrooms are computer chip controlled.  You can easily adjust water pressure, direction and temperature.

How To Use Japanese Bathrooms?

Japanese washlet systemIslam requires us to clean ourselves before making ablution and performing prayers. Japanese bathrooms may be a breeze for you while you are traveling to the country. You do not have to make any extra arrangements like carrying pet bottles to cleanse yourself If you learn properly how to use these high-tech ultra-modern bathroom facilities.  Just press the appropriate buttons and the water will come out from the nozzles beneath your buttocks to help you clean yourself. Simple as that.



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