Japan has been famous for producing top-notch goods and services for the last several decades.

1.What made us start halal service
Our company has been originated by current representative’s grandfather who opened vegetable and fruit store in Tokyo more than eighty years ago. Trough living in Singapore and Indonesia, we knew that our Muslim friends wanted to try Japanese cosmetics but had concerns about costs and ingredients of those products. We started studying Islam, leading us to plan Halal skincare products for Muslimah.

2. The circumstances of products
We stick to 100% Japan-made products, including ingredients and containers. We focused on “peach”, as we have been taught by parents that it has good effects on your health and beauty since our childhood. In price-wise, we tried to trim unnecessary costs to attain reasonable prices so that it does not be burden for users. The products do not have sticky feeling after use with soothing peach fragrance so that you can enjoy their skincare time.
In addition, our products feature 7 moisturizers (Peach juice, Peach leaves extract, Peach seeds extract, Cherry leaves extract, Perilla leaves extract, Hydrolyzed collagen (fish), and Hyaluronic acid Na) , 5 additives free (no alcohol, No oil-based surfactant (ethylene oxide) , No mineral oil, No pork-derived ingredients, No colorant) , and 3 simple steps (Face wash, Toner, and Gel cream). This 7-5-3 idea is associated with “Shichi-go-san” (a festival to pray for the healthy growth of young children) in Japanese tradition. The release date was set on 3rd March, the day of Girl’s festival (Peach festival) so that “Momohime (peach princess)” can be associated with. We would like to deliver Japanese customs/traditions through our products.

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