narita airport resthouse restaurantTowards the end of last year, I had the opportunity to chat with Mr. Kondo of Narita Airport Resthouse, a hotel just five minutes away from the Terminal 1 of Narita International Airport. He told me that they had already arranged to offer Halal menus to their Muslim customers.  They have been providing in-flight catering services to the Malaysian Airlines Customers for the last 12 years now.

Now, they have taken the next steps to offer the same quality halal menus to the customers who stay at their hotel.  They also plan to set up a 100% halal restaurant at Terminal 2 of Narita Airport.

Following is the video of the chat we had with each other.

I was surprised to note that they had arranged caps, ladies dresses, prayer mats etc. for the guests who would like to pray. They are also willing to reserve a room for prayer if the guests need. Narita Airport Resthouse is a great choice for vacationers as well as business travelers to Japan, it has great facilities and excellent ambience. All smoke-free rooms come with free internet. The guests can find themselves close to the largest airport of Japan. You could get to Central Tokyo area within hour or take flights to any part of Japan or outside the country. Rooms are marked with Qiblah direction and the nearest Prayer Room is on the 5th floor of Narita Airport Terminal 1 which is at a five minutes’ walking distance. The hotel staff can provide prayer rugs, prayer time table and prayer dress upon request. To make your stay more pleasant, choose Narita Airport Resthouse for a memorable trip in Japan! Internet, Activities & Parking Wifi (free) Wired Internet (free) Fitness Centre (Common) Outdoor Pool (Common) Sauna Car parking (charges apply)

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