To help local Muslims as well as temporary Muslim visitors/tourists coming from different parts of the world, Insha Allah, we are going to start introducing local and foreign halal products on these pages on regular basis.

Based on our own experience in the past when we were new to the Japanese culture some twenty years ago and did not know much as to what and where to eat and what and which place or restaurant  to avoid, we faced lots of real challenges while shopping for our grocery on daily basis or going out with friends.  But, now, Alhamdulillah, the situation has changed dramatically. Now what we see is an influx of dozens if not hundreds of products into the regular Japanese supermarkets which are indeed, halal but not labeled as such so far.

Now, you can buy halal products from almost every convenience store or other supermarket all over Japan.  That is an amazing journey from the past.

An important challenge we are expecting to face while collecting information about halal products in the country is that, some of the products we introduce on these pages may only be halal for a short time period either due to the change in their production method or a change in their basic ingredients.  But, insha Allah, we will try our best to introduce you the products after confirming their halalness by calling their maker directly and verifying all the ingredients of the products in question and the procedures being adopted in producing these products, if possible, so that there is no confusion left about their authenticity of being halal.

We encourage our readers as well to give their thoughts on which products they should have been included in the halal Products list but are not yet. Please feel free to give us your suggestions as to how we can help you get more information about the Halalness of various food products available in Japan.

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