hotel granvia kyotoThe Hotel Granvia Kyoto, a luxury hotel located atop the magnificent Kyoto Station Complex, now
continues on its forward journey towards satisfying all Muslim guests in Japan. We are pleased to
annouce that our Japanese Restaurant “Ukihashi” has gained the official “Local Halal” certificate
from Malaysia Halal Corporation Co., Ltd. (MCH) as of April 1st, 2014, following in the footsteps of
our Café Restaurant “Le Temps”, which has been awarded the certificate last year. MHC is the
premier expert Halal company (represented by three Muslim-certified internal auditors) that issues
the “Local Halal Certificate” — the international standard developed by MHC according to Islamic
law in non-Muslim countries. The Hotel Granvia Kyoto is the first hotel in Western Japan to acquire
the Local Halal Certificate, and we proudly assure all Muslim guests that the delicious Halal meals
at our hotel are fully Halal certified and that we are pleased to serve them with a variety of choices
for both Japanese and western-style Halal meals.
“Ukihashi” (the 83-seat dining facility located on the Mezzanine-3rd floor) offers Japanese Halal
menus – „Halal Bento Box‟ and „Halal Japanese Kaiseki‟ (representative photos shown below) – on
a reservation basis.
Please note that a prayer room is available upon request, in addition to the hotel-prepared Qibla
(prayer) direction sign, prayer mat and prayer time schedule currently available in the guest rooms.
“With the growing demands toward the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo, The Hotel Granvia Kyoto is
keenly aware of the growth of inbound tourism, especially the constant growth of Muslim Tourism.
We are ready to welcome many international guests from all over the world.” says Ms. Shiho Ikeuchi,
director of overseas marketing. Now that we have two “Local Halal” restaurants for both western
and Japanese foods, we are proud to consistently provide warm „Omotenashi‟ hospitality to the
world !

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