turkish-lunchboxTo cater to the culinary needs of Muslim tourists in and around Tokyo station area, Mrs. Istanbul, a Tokyo-based company having roots in Turkey, has started offering 100% Halal Turkish lunch boxes. Turkish dishes are considered among the best three cuisines in the world.

With the start of Hokkaido-bound Bullet Train or Shinkansen at the Tokyo Station earlier this year, Muslim tourists in and around the station can also enjoy some of the best Turkish dishes conveniently.

The company started the Halal lunch box service on April 12, 2016.  The location is inside the station near South exit. Muslim visitors passing through the station can enjoy the lovely Halal Turkish cuisine for a reasonable price.

Details Of Halal Lunch Box On Offer

Location: Inside Tokyo Station near Minami Exit

Name of the dish: Turkish Bento ( 1,100 Yen including taxes).  It consists of meat roll stuffed with pilaf

Kebab Lunch box: Combination of Shish Kebab chicken,  donner kebab and pilaf costs 980 yen including taxes

ケバブ弁当_2The mixed-kebab Halal lunch box has been chosen for a prestigious award being the best Halal lunch box service at the Tokyo Food Show in February, 2016 in the lunchbox category.  The seekh kebab is also available at Haneda airport.  Muslim travelers visiting the Tokyo Station area are encouraged  to try one of the best Halal cuisine in available in the town.

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