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Halal Japan Rating System For Hotels, Restaurants

We, at Halal Japan,  get thousands of Muslim visitors on our website from Japan and other parts of the world.  The visitors include professionals, academicians, foreign government officials, highly-paid officers from multi-national corporations, other business professionals and pleasure-related tourists from all walks of life.  Many of these halal-conscious visitors to the website are planning to visit Japan in the near future.  They ask us questions about the availability of halal food, and halal-friendly accommodation and other related services in all parts of Japan. We try to provide relevant information to cater to the growing needs of these visitors.

To make sure that we provide you only the most authentic information about the halal service offerings of these Halal friendly hotels and restaurants, we try our best to make sure that our valuable guests enjoy their time in Japan to the fullest without ever worrying about the halal readiness of products or services being offered to top them in the country.

To better serve our Muslim visitors when they decide to choose a specific hotel or any other type of accommodation during their stay in Japan, we have introduced a Halal Japan Rating system which clearly states the halal readiness of any hotel or any other accommodation operating in Japan. This will help our visitors choose which Halal-friendly place(s) they would like to stay at during their visit to Japan.

Halal Japan Rating System

To address the growing needs of wealthy Muslim visitors to Japan, we request you to become our members so that you could get your share of the growing halal-market in the world. The Halal Rating system introduced by us serves the following purposes. First, it helps you serve your Muslim visitors in a more effective way.  Participation in the Halal Rating system gives you an overview of your current offerings to attract halal-friendly guests. The Halal Japan Rating system consultants advise you to devise a strategic plan to improve your Halal-friendly offerings to attract more halal-conscious travelers. Lastly, it Introduces you to other products and services targeted to the Muslim guests which have been unknown in the Japanese market so far.