Visitors to Japan (including Muslim visitors as well, of course) need to get ready for a rainy season in the country.  In most of the regions in the country, the rainy season starts in June and it lasts until the mid to end of July.  Although it does not rain every day and different parts of the country are affected by the season differently, you may want to plan ahead as it may affect your travel plans and the places you would like to go.

Generally speaking, we will not advise you to visit Japan during the rainy season.      However, one good thing about the rainy season in the country is that it almost always has no effect on train timings, etc. Most of the places of attraction remain open throughout the year.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the average starting and ending dates of the rainy season are as follows.

RegionStar DateEnd Date
OkinawaMay 8June 23
Southern KyushuMay 29July 13
ShikokuJune 4July 17
Kansai (including Kyo and Osaka/Kobe etc.)June 6July 19
Kanto (Tokyo and the surrounding areas)June 8July 20
Northern TohokuJune 12July 27

On the other hand, the month of June does not get as many local and foreign visitors, you may find places of attraction less crowded. Some places are

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