ogi baum kuchen specialToday, I am feeling a great pleasure to introduce to you the first-ever Halal cake in Japan which is available at all the Kiosks at all the JR East Stations in the country, and, it is amazingly tasty. Another good thing about this Halal cake is that you can easily find it at the all Kiosks at JR East stations.

This is a big news for all those Muslim brothers and sisters who are either visiting Japan or live here as residents like me, and, they want to have a tasty piece of little something while visiting various places in eastern Japan or rushing to their offices by taking JR East trains in Tokyo and other surrounding areas.

The manufacturer of this Halal cake has obtained Halal certification from a famous halal certification body based in Tokyo. As they have yet to formally announce the awarding of certification document, we are unable to give the name of the Halal certifying organization yet. But, inshallah, should be able to do so some time early next week. So, please stay tuned until early next week, and you will get that info as well.

Another added advantage of the halal cake is that you could also buy it as a gift pack for your family back in your country.

How To Buy These Halal Cakes?

jr kioskTo get these small cakes of original Japanese taste, you may visit these Kiosks located at any JR East station and ask the staff to provide you Ogi Baum Plain cake. They will do so immediately. However, unfortunately, the Halal mark will not be inserted on this cake for the time being, as, unfortunately, the maker has not been able to get the permission from the JR East Company, so far, to put Halal mark or label on the cake.  Otherwise, the cake is genuinely halal without any doubt.

To convince the JR East Company to put Halal label on it, you may ask the Kiosk staff why they were not displaying halal logo on the cake although the cake was fully Halal. Once many of us ask the same question to the kiosk staff, surely, they will convey this message to their higher-ups which may pave the way for the manufacturer to put halal label on the cake in the near future.

ogi baum plainFrom these kiosks at the JR stations, these cakes are only available in small packages. But you could order these cakes in bulk as well by directly contacting the maker. However, they are still making necessary preparations to actually start receiving calls in English. So, please hold on and stay tuned while they are done with their initial preparations to start you the first ever halal cake in the country.

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