RAMEN OuKAThe other day, I got a chance to visit a recently-opened Halal Ramen restaurant called Ramen Ouka near Shinjuku Gyoenmae Station in Shinjuku area. The restaurant got its Halal certification from Japan Islamic Trust (JIT), a local halal-certification body based in Tokyo.  The restaurant  is just two minutes` away from Exit No. 2 of the Shinjuku Gyoenmae station on the famous Marunouchi line.

I was surprised to know that even the first-time visitors of the restaurant had got good impression of the restaurant, and said nice words about the location, service, the quality and quantity of the food, and the extra care the Japanese Muslim owner of the restaurant gives to his customers.  I also saw regular non-Muslim Japanese customers visiting the place and enjoying the delicious food despite the fact that the owner does not offer any alcoholoic beverages to any of his customers.  This fact alone is quite admirable especially in Japan where most of the Japanese

They serve such a big bowl of Halal ramen noodles which will be more than sufficient to fill your stomaach for several hours. Apart from the big bowl, the onwer also offers an extensive small-plate menu that features a wide variety of Japanese food.

The restaurant has become very popular among Southeastern Muslim customers from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. The wife of the onwer speaks pretty good English.

The ramen served here is amazingly delicious being different from other Halal ramen shops in Japan. It consists of Chinese-style hand-made wheat noodles dipped in sea bream soup. A meringue made by adding yuzu (a Japanese citrus fruit) to egg whites is topped on the ramen. Tomato is also used as a secret ingredient, in which the slight sourness sharpens your appetite for the food. They even offer vegetarian ramen The restaurant offers alcohol-free wet towels and sterilizing agents at the start of the meal The price is of the food is reasonable.

Finally, a word about the interiors. Ouka Ramen`s stylish interior takes minimalism to its extremes; the dark brown furniture, dark brown utensils fine lights shining on the back give you an amazing feel.


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