Thai Airways To Increase Flights To Fukuoka

Thai Airways has confirmed that it will increase the frequency of flights between Bangkok and Fukuoka, Japan, from seven to 10 flights per week beginning July 13. The increase in the frequency of flights shows ever-stronger regulations between Japan and Thailand. Thai Airways operates the Fukuoka route with Airbus A330-300 aircraft, equipped with 36 seats […]

Foreign Tourists Advised To Follow Toilet Manners

Foreign tourists are advised to follow toilet manners. They need to understand that Japan has certain rules and regulations to follow. Even the foreign tourists need to follow these rules at all times. Some tourists unfortunately, do not see any problem littering in public and in residential areas.  However, they need to know that it […]

Kobe Masjid Is Not The First-Ever Mosque in Japan

This may sound strange to you all. In fact, I was also shocked to know that although, people think that Kobe Masjid is the first-ever mosque in Japan. We reported this very thing a few days ago. But, actually, it is contrary to the fact. This afternoon, I was shocked to know that in fact, […]

Kobe Masjid, An Amazing Story Needs To Be Told

Let us face it. Kobe was completely destroyed to the ground during World War 11, and, again in 1995 due to the massive earthquake in the city. But, there was one amazing structure in the city which remained intact both the times. Rather, it served as a refugee camp for people on both occasions.  That […]

Get Ready For A Rainy Season In Japan

Visitors to Japan (including Muslim visitors as well, of course) need to get ready for a rainy season in the country.  In most of the regions in the country, the rainy season starts in June and it lasts until the mid to end of July.  Although it does not rain every day and different parts […]

7-Eleven Starts Offering Halal Lunch In Two Locations in Tokyo

7-Eleven, a 24-hour convenience store in Japan, has started offering halal lunch (bento) service to its Muslim customers in Otsuka, and Asakusa areas of Tokyo. The halal lunch is available in two flavors. Halal gyudon (beef bowl) and halal butter chicken curry. It costs 689 and it is stored in a refrigerator with a clear […]

Eid Mubarak To All Our Visitors

We, at Halal Japan, would like to convey our heartiest Eid Greetings to all our readers and well-wishers. Today is important for Muslims as it marks the end of the holiest Islamic month. Please remember the needy and the destitute in your prayers at this time and share the countless bounties Allah has bestowed upon […]

Muslim Siblings In Japan Promote Diversity With Modest Fashion and Flowers

Raised by Indonesian Muslim parents in Tokyo, Aufa Yazid and Ghufron Yazid, two siblings in their 20s, bring a cross-cultural perspective to fashion and art while adhering to their faith. Wearing a hijab sets Aufa apart from the crowd in Japan, where Muslims are a minority, but what makes the 24-year-old freelance fashion creator really […]

Japan Getting More Muslim Prayer Rooms, But Some Are Seeing Only Limited Use

HIROSHIMA – With an increase in Muslim visitors to Japan, more prayer rooms are being installed in commercial facilities across the country, but the number of users remains limited due to reasons such as lack of awareness and difficulty of access. The prayer rooms are often equipped with a washing area for cleaning hands and […]

Ramadan In Japan: A Day in the Life of a Muslim Businessman

The holy month of Ramadan is approaching. Are you ready for that? Well, in a non-Muslim country, life of a Muslim in Ramadan can be very different from that of a person living in a Muslim country such as Egypt or Pakistan. Today, we want to share with you a typical everyday life of a […]