Tokyo Organizes a Disaster Drill For Foreign Visitors

TOKYO —The Tokyo metropolitan government held a disaster drill on Sunday to test its ability to evacuate foreign tourists safely in the event that a powerful earthquake hits the Japanese capital. Under the scenario that a magnitude 7.3 quake shook Tokyo at around 8 a.m., staff working at the Tokyo Skytree in Sumida Ward escorted […]

Tokyo Hotels Offer Japanese-Style Facilities To Foreign Tourists

When Tokyo first hosted the summer Olympic Games in 1964, many Western-style hotels opened one after another to accommodate the increasing number of foreign visitors. Now that the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo is in sight, hoteliers have started to offer Japanese-style accommodation and hospitality for those who want to experience authentic Japanese culture. Foreign guests […]

Tokyo Taxis Offer Lower fares In Selected Areas

Tokyo:- Cab firms in Tokyo started experimenting with a lower minimum fare of ¥410 last Friday in four wards in central Tokyo to assess demand for short trips among tourists and the elderly. Muslim tourists should give a try and thus save little bit on Taxi fares in the country.  The objectiove of the lower […]

WJS Ginza Starts Offering Prayer Room Facilities To Muslim Visitors

Welcome Japan Support (WJS), a support company offering calligraphy and Japanese tea ceremony to foreign travelers to Ginza, Tokyo has started offering prayer room facilities to its Muslim visitors to their Ginza shop. Ginza, being one of the most popular and upscale shopping, dinning, fashion and entertainment districts not only in Japan but also in […]

Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka Offers Halal Ramen In The Heart Of Shinjuku, Tokyo

Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka is one of the best ramen restaurant in Japan which is 100% Halal-certified. You can not miss it during your next visit to Tokyo. It is a newly opened restaurant certified by a very reliable Tokyo-based Halal certification organization called Japan Islamic Trust (JIT). The restaurant does not offer any alcoholic […]