Why Do I Love Japan As A Muslim?

Why do I love Japan as a Muslim? This question is so simple, yet it is one of the most complex questions I have ever faced in my whole lifetime. This statement may be strange for some folks. However, I started loving this country the moment I landed here as a graduate student some 23 […]

Discovering Toyama by Bicycle

Discovering Toyama and parts of Japan has always been a dream for me. Although I have not been able to fulfill this dream fully so far, I still try to make time to go on a bicycle ride whenever I can. Today, I wanted to share with you a bicycle journey taken by someone else […]

Tokyo Organizes a Disaster Drill For Foreign Visitors

TOKYO —The Tokyo metropolitan government held a disaster drill on Sunday to test its ability to evacuate foreign tourists safely in the event that a powerful earthquake hits the Japanese capital. Under the scenario that a magnitude 7.3 quake shook Tokyo at around 8 a.m., staff working at the Tokyo Skytree in Sumida Ward escorted […]

Tokyo Hotels Offer Japanese-Style Facilities To Foreign Tourists

When Tokyo first hosted the summer Olympic Games in 1964, many Western-style hotels opened one after another to accommodate the increasing number of foreign visitors. Now that the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo is in sight, hoteliers have started to offer Japanese-style accommodation and hospitality for those who want to experience authentic Japanese culture. Foreign guests […]

Tokyo Taxis Offer Lower fares In Selected Areas

Tokyo:- Cab firms in Tokyo started experimenting with a lower minimum fare of ¥410 last Friday in four wards in central Tokyo to assess demand for short trips among tourists and the elderly. Muslim tourists should give a try and thus save little bit on Taxi fares in the country.  The objectiove of the lower […]

Enjoy Halal Food At Om Nom Nom Restaurant, Nagoya

If you had ever wanted to enjoy real halal food in Nagoya, you would have gone to Indian/Pakistani restaurants located in the city which offered halal dishes to their guests.  However, thanks to the proliferation of some Japanese and other restaurants in the town has offered a variety to the halal cuisine lovers in the […]

Kobe Halal Food Shop

Kobe Halal Food Shop is the raw food hub for the Muslims in the surrounding areas.  This is a halal food shop run by Muslims and for Muslims.  All their foods are 100% halal.   They run an online store as well to cater to the growing needs of  halal food stuff for the Muslims, who, […]

JAL Offers Lower Domestic Fare for Foreign Visitors to Kyushu Region

Tokyo:- Japan Airlines (JAL) is offering a lower domestic fare – “oneworld® YOKOSO/Visit KYUSHU Fare” for overseas visitors in order to stimulate travel demand from overseas to the Kyushu region which consists of world-famous like Nagasaki and Fukuoka. Fukuoka being the largest city in the area has at least one masajid and several halal friendly […]

Kumamoto Islamic Center A Place Of Comfort For All

Kumamoto Islamic Center has always been active in attracting Muslims and non-Muslims alike to promote peace and tranquility among the larger community in Kumamoto Prefecture.  There are about 70 Muslim brothers living in the area along with their families. After the devastating earthquake recently in the region, the Kumamoto Islamic Center has been specifically supporting […]

BNI Syariah To Offer Halal Friendly Services To Japan-Bound Travelers From Indonesia

Jakarta:- To help Indonesian travelers to Japan enjoy their time during their trip to the country the halal-friendly way, BNI Syariah Bank, a shariah-compliant bank in Indonesia, has announced various support measures.  The bank plans to work closely with Neox Corporation, Japan, and with Global Persada Inovasiondo as their local partner in the country, to […]