Malaysian Halal Firms To Export More Halal Food To Japan Ahead Of Tokyo Olympics 2020

TOKYO: Malaysian halal product companies should capitalize on the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics by using it as a launch pad for penetrating the halal market in Japan. Entrepreneur Development Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Yusof said the demand for halal products was expected to increase during the sporting event as Japan anticipated plenty of Muslim […]

Singapore Becomes a Testing Ground For Halal Japanese Dishes

SINGAPORE – Curetex Corp. is using Singapore as a test bed to promote Japanese cuisine permissible under Islamic law as part of its efforts to expand sales of such Halal food products in Japan and Southeast Asia. The Tokyo-based company recently sold both Japanese and Singaporean halal dishes at Isetan Singapore’s Scotts store following the […]

Halal Mash Potato Coroce Available At Gyoumu Store

Alhamdulillah, we recently confirmed the ingredients of mash potato coroce available at Gyoumu Store./ But did not find any haram ingredients in it. Please feel free to use them as desired. Please follow and like us:

Halal Bread & Pizza Flour At Gyoumu Super Store

Please follow and like us:

Halal Corn Flakes Available At Gyoumu Super

Halal Corn Flakes Available At Gyoumu Super. This is a chain Japanese super market having branches in all parts of Japan.  They have more 700 branches all over the country. We have been using these corn flakes and few other types of the flakes for quite some time now. Please follow and like us:

Halal Baum Kuchen Cake

The Halal cake is easily available at all the kiosks of JR East Stations in eastern Japan including Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Ibaraki and many other regions. For your convenience, you easily find and locate all the stations found on JR East lines in the country. Currently, the Halal cake is available in three different shapes […]

We Are Insha Allah, Going To Introduce Halal Products In Japan

To help local Muslims as well as temporary Muslim visitors/tourists coming from different parts of the world, Insha Allah, we are going to start introducing local and foreign halal products on these pages on regular basis. Based on our own experience in the past when we were new to the Japanese culture some twenty years […]