Most of The So Called Halal Restaurants in Japan Are Actually Not Halal

Most of the so-called Halal restaurants in Japan are actually not halal at all.  That is a pretty bold statement. I am sure most of you may not like this. Of course,  you are free to think what you would like. However, we will talk about the actual situation as to how these so-called halal […]

Why Do I Love Japan As A Muslim?

Why do I love Japan as a Muslim? This question is so simple, yet it is one of the most complex questions I have ever faced in my whole lifetime. This statement may be strange for some folks. However, I started loving this country the moment I landed here as a graduate student some 23 […]

Departing Foreign Travelers To Use Facial Recognition Technology At Japanese Airports

Thanks to the growing influx of foreign travelers, immigration procedures often keep international visitors waiting in long queues at Japan’s airports. But short-term travelers will be able to skip long lines when they are leaving the country from this summer by using facial recognition technology that will be deployed at the nation’s major airports, immigration […]

Can Okinawa Serve As A Wedding Destination For Indians?

Can Okinawa Serve As A Wedding Destination For Indians? Well, that is the question we have been thinking about since we saw the following news in a local newspaper. Okinawa is one of the most beautiful islands in Japan. It wants to lure wealthy Indians to arrange their wedding ceremonies on the island.  It could […]

Halal Japan Introduces Halal Beef From Kobe Area

Halal Japan has recently teamed up with a famous slaughterhouse near Kobe which slaughters cows perfectly aligned with the  Islamic way and now they are ready to export the world-famous Halal beef to the world.   The good news is the beef is100% halal and they are ready to export it to the world.  The halal […]

Thai Airways To Increase Flights To Fukuoka

Thai Airways has confirmed that it will increase the frequency of flights between Bangkok and Fukuoka, Japan, from seven to 10 flights per week beginning July 13. The increase in the frequency of flights shows ever-stronger regulations between Japan and Thailand. Thai Airways operates the Fukuoka route with Airbus A330-300 aircraft, equipped with 36 seats […]

Foreign Tourists Advised To Follow Toilet Manners

Foreign tourists are advised to follow toilet manners. They need to understand that Japan has certain rules and regulations to follow in whatever they do here in the country.  Even the foreign tourists need to follow these rules at all times. Some tourists unfortunately, do not see any problem littering in public and in residential […]

Kobe Masjid Is Not The First-Ever Mosque in Japan

This may sound strange to you all. In fact, I was also shocked to know that although, people think that Kobe Masjid is the first-ever mosque in Japan. We reported this very thing a few days ago. But, actually, it is contrary to the fact. This afternoon, I was shocked to know that in fact, […]

Kobe Masjid, An Amazing Story Needs To Be Told

Let us face it. Kobe was completely destroyed to the ground during World War 11, and, again in 1995 due to the massive earthquake in the city. But, there was one amazing structure in the city which remained intact both the times. Rather, it served as a refugee camp for people on both occasions.  That […]

Get Ready For A Rainy Season In Japan

Visitors to Japan (including Muslim visitors as well, of course) need to get ready for a rainy season in the country.  In most of the regions in the country, the rainy season starts in June and it lasts until the mid to end of July.  Although it does not rain every day and different parts […]