Are Japanese Hotels Really serious About Halal?

Are Japanese hotels really serious about the concept of halal?  With a heavy heart, I would say they may not be that enthusiastic about Muslim guests as you we may like to think.  Whenever we ask them whether they would like us to promote their Muslim-friendly services including halal food, other amenities targeted to the […]

Please Stop Eating While Walking In Japan

KYOTO – Tourist destinations are struggling for ways to ask tourists to stop eating while walking without offending them. One such place is Nishiki Market, which for over 400 years has been known as the kitchen of Kyoto. The municipal government estimates that around 30 percent of all foreign tourists in Kyoto in 2017 visited […]

Japan Getting More Muslim Prayer Rooms, But Some Are Seeing Only Limited Use

HIROSHIMA – With an increase in Muslim visitors to Japan, more prayer rooms are being installed in commercial facilities across the country, but the number of users of these prayer facilities remains limited due to reasons such as lack of awareness and difficulty of access, and, perhaps, most importantly, a language barrier The prayer rooms […]

Ramadan In Japan: A Day in the Life of a Muslim Businessman

The holy month of Ramadan is approaching. Are you ready for that? Well, in a non-Muslim country, life of a Muslim in Ramadan can be very different from that of a person living in a Muslim country such as Egypt or Pakistan. Today, we want to share with you a typical everyday life of a […]

Stop Spreading Wrong Information About Halal Restaurants in Japan

During the past few days, we decided to call several halal restaurants and halal makers to verify the halal ingredients of their halal servings and the dishes and products they offer to their Muslim customers in Japan. However, surprisingly, most of the restaurants we had called said that they were not offering any halal dishes […]

Six New Areas in Japan To Be Promoted For Tourism

The Japanese government has declared six more sites in the country as new tourism hubs. Regional governments will develop these areas to attract more tourists from foreign countries. These are as follows. Hakuba, Nagano Prefecture Mori no Kyoto, Kyoto Prefcture Chichibu, Saitama Yuasa, Wakayama Onomichi, Hiroshima Yamashiro, Saitama The details of the news is given […]

Japan To Accept More Foreign Workers

The Japanese parliament, Diet, has passed a bill to accept more foreign workers to meet the labor shortages in 14 labor-hungry sectors.  Most of these sectors need blue-collar workers.  Three of these labor-starving sectors are construction, agriculture and nursing care. Although, the detailed working conditions of these foreign workers have not been sorted out, the […]

Japan Airlines Joins hands With Alaska Airlines To Expand Routes Network

TOKYO.– Japan Airlines (JAL) has started selling tickets on additional routes by codesharing with Alaska Airlines.  These new codeshare routes will be available from March 31, 2019, when JAL plans to launch its highly anticipated non-stop daily service between Seattle and Narita International Airport. JAL and Alaska will now offer codeshare flights on 55 routes […]

Discovering Toyama by Bicycle

Discovering Toyama and parts of Japan has always been a dream for me. Although I have not been able to fulfill this dream fully so far, I still try to make time to go on a bicycle ride whenever I can. Today, I wanted to share with you a bicycle journey taken by someone else […]

Japanese National Parks, Scenic Areas Start Voluntary Entry Payment Programs

An increasing number of national parks and other scenic areas in Japan are collecting voluntary entry payments from visitors for environmental protection and infrastructure improvements, including the creation of pathways and the installation of bathrooms. Mount Fuji, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, began requesting ¥1,000 per climber in 2014 after a yearlong trial. Officials […]