halal friendly restaurants in japanAlhamdulillah, we have been adding halal-friendly restaurants and halal friendly hotels in Japan, on this site for quite some time now.  However, I want to ask you a very important question about the Halalness of these hotels or restaurants in Japan.

I hope you know that all the five star hotels, especially, in non-Muslim countries such as Japan, also offer alohol, pork and other non-Halal dishes of all types. They also offer adult channels. Sometimes, they are a part of a gambling network. I guess, we can not do much about it except to confirm the Halal dishes and other Musli friendly services they offer to their Muslim customers in Japan and elsewhere.

However, the matter could be different for Halal-friendly restaurants.  First, most of the restaurants which offer Halal meat in all their dishes also sell alcohol in their premises. Second, some of these so-called Halal friendly restaurants offer belly dance.Third, some of the dishes which they offer as HALAL is actually not Halal at all as the meat for these dishes was bought from non-Halal meat suppliers for little cheaper prices.  Fourth, there are some restaurants operated by non-Muslimd from South Asia and other countries which keep few Halal meat packages just to pretend that the meat they are using is purely Halal.

The most important rteason for the above mentioned behaviour on the part of the owners of these so-called Halal restaurants is to save some money as the non-Halal meat and other related items can be purchased for little cheaper prices. Another reason, especially in case of Muslim owners is that many of them lack knowledge about what actaully Halal means and how they should be carefuly while buying the meat and other related items.

The real problem we are facing as Muslims is to include sufficient number of Halal-friendly restaurants in our directory while making no compromise on the Halalness of these Halal friendly hotels and restaurants in Japan. 

The situation puts us in a difficult position as the overall number of halal friendly restaurants amnd hotels in Japan is not sufficient to cater to all the Muslim visitors and Muslim residents we have currently.

Inshallah, we will continuye our efforts to offer authentic only Halal info about the restaurants, hotels and other halal products in the country.  At this stage, we want to request you to be careful about the information about the halal friendly hotels and restaurants in Japan which is so readily available on the Internet but actually the authenticty of these halal friendly restarurants and hotels was not confirmed by the owners of these websites whose sole motive is to earn money from these restaurants and hotels.

They do not bother to check the details of what these hotels and restaurants actually offer to their Muslim customers.

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