halal industry being pollutedTokyo, the most hitech-city on the face of the earth, features quite a few restaurants which claim to be  serving ‘Halal dishes. And, some of them, actually, do serve these dishes to their Muslim customers as well as to the non-Muslim guests.   However, unfortunately, most of them still offer alcohol and other pollutants to their customers apart from serving Halal meat or beef.

Most of these so-called ‘Halal restaurants’ are owned by Muslims.  Some of them even serve non-Halal dishes as well which are being prepared in the same kitchens using the same knives, same cooking utensils as the Halal ones.  Even a bigger problem is that, some of these restaurants offer almost naked dance parties to attract even larger number of customers. But, as I said earlier, they serve ‘Halal dishes’. This largely sorry state of the affairs begs us a question for which I have yet to find an answer. Are these kinds of restaurants polluting the halal industry exactly at the time it is getting ready to make a mark in the global food industry.

Some of the so-called Halal restaurants even cheat Muslims by keeping few packages of Halal meat to show the Halal labelling and to prove their ‘Halalness’ to those customer who insist on showing any proof of Halalness of their meat etc.  In fact, most of their dishes are not halal at all. These restaurants are mostly being run by non-Muslims from Malaysia, India, Nepal.

There are still another type of restaurants which, no doubt, offer halal meat etc. to their customers. However, the seasoning they use or the saucages they use to make their food more delicious is made with animal fats. They buy these seasonings from regular shops which do not have connection with the concept of halal.

The most important reasons being cited by these Muslims to pollute the halal dishes with the non-Halal ones and alcoholic beverages, are the economic ones. They state that if they do not serve alcohol in their restaurants, they can not survive as a business. Although, I may not be able to opine about the Halalness of the Halal restaurants in other non-Muslims countries. But,unfortunately, I know only a few restaurants in Japan which truly serve ‘Halal only dishes to their customers and nothing else whatsoever it may be.

In fact, eating Halal can be a challenge even in a mega city like Tokyo if you do not know the right place to go for halal. Please open up yourself and give your opinion about the halalness of these types of restaurants. Will you be able to visit these restaurants with your family and/or your Muslim friends who do want to eat halal only? What has been your experience regarding the availability of Halal food in Tokyo or in any other big city around the world.

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