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If you want to reach potential and existing Muslim travelers to Japan as well as the Muslims living in the country, then Halal Japan offers the best advertising platform for your halal related products and services for extremely reasonable ad rates.At Halal Japan website, we receive thousands of on line visitors from around the world who are either planning to visit Japan or are currently visiting the country. They are actively looking for the halal related goods and services which you might be offering.

With competitive advertising rates, an ad on Halal Japan website is the most efficient way to reach your target consumers, business owners and policymakers in the halal sector in Japan and elsewhere.

Halal Japan covers halal related stories/news/views about Japan from every viewpoint. The website provides the depth and breadth you need and the audience you want to deliver your message to the right consumers who are waiting to know more about your products and services.

The website delivers top-notch halal-related content to your target audience. Connecting our engaged consumers to marketers of halal related goods and services in Japan through this digital platform is our number one priority.  We provide unparalleled advertising and sponsorship opportunities for local and foreign halal marketers looking to reach Muslim tourists to Japan as well as local Muslims living in the country.

HalalJapan.com website receives  large number of local and international visitors on daily basis.  The visitors come from every walk of life and from many different countries.  We plan to start sending out a newsletter to our viewers soon.

Would you like to promote your business through our web site? If yes, please read on.

HalalJapan.com Website Advertising Options

Customized Rates for Website Banner Ad Options

MONTHLY PACKAGE Website Banner Ad Includes:
• Website Banner Ad (763 X 70 pixels) $200 / month (discount on Annual Contract): → This banner will appear at the footer area of the HalalJapan.com main website
• Website sidebar Banner Ad (166 X 50 Pixels) $ 100 per month: → This banner will appear on right side of the HalalJapan.com home page.

For further queries regarding detailed advertising options, newsletter ads etc. please feel free to contact us at [email protected]