HalalFriendlyHotel.Com is the first-ever website in Japan aspiring to make a comprehensive directory of all Halal friendly businesses including Halal friendly hotels, restaurants, makers, and Haalal food shops in the country.  It aims to offer the most comprehensive information about every thing halal in the country. It mainly deals with the halal businesses catering to the growing needs of Muslim visitors from abroad as well as the Muslims living this country.

Thanks to the easing of visa restrictions for the visitors from some Muslim countries, the number of Muslim visitors to Japan have been increasing exponentially. Whereever we go in Japan, we find Muslim visitors.

Typical visitors of the website include Muslim business professionals from all over the world, Muslim tourists to Japan and the Muslims living in the country. These people care about eating and dining halal foods for religious  reasons.   We specifically provide the following information on this website to cater to their needs.

  • A comprehensive directory of halal-friendly hotels, restaurants, halal food shops, halal food makers in Japan
  • A list of local and foreign halal-friendly tour operators and travel agencies to promote halal-friendly tours in the country
  • Detailed area guides to halal friendly travel in all parts of the country
  • A country-wide list of all the masajids and prayer rooms (musallahs) in the country
  • A list of Halal-friendly restaurants in various parts of the country

We welcome all the suggestions/advice to improve our services to the halal-friendly businesses in the country. So, please feel free to contact us for any issues you may have to promote the cause of halal-friendly tourism in Japan.


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