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About Halal Japan

Who We Are?

HalalJapan.com is the first-ever halal tourism related website in Japan aspiring to provide you THE MOST comprehensive and the most accurate information about everything halal in Japan.  To provide you that information, we are, Alhamdulillah, making a comprehensive directory of all halal friendly businesses including halal friendly hotels, restaurants, makers, and halal food shops in the country.

The website mainly deals with the halal businesses catering to the growing needs of Muslim visitors from abroad as well as the local Muslims living in this country.

Thanks to the easing of visa restrictions for visitors from some Muslim countries including Indonesia and Malaysia, the number of Muslim visitors to Japan has been increasing exponentially. Wherever we go to Japan, we find Muslim visitors from various countries. That is amazing.  We simply want to help them all spend more quality and fruitful time in a halal and Muslim Friendly Japan.

Typical visitors to the website include Muslim business professionals from all over the world, Muslim tourists to Japan and the Muslims living in the country. These people care about the ingredients of the food they consume on a daily basis while traveling different parts of the country. They exclusively want to consume halal food while traveling in Japan. We aspire to cater to all their halal dietary needs in the country plus we provide information on how they could visit different parts of Japan and enjoy their time the halal and Muslim friendly way.

Information We Provide

We specifically provide the following information on this website to cater to the needs of these Muslims who care about the halal readiness of their diet while in Japan.

  • A comprehensive directory of halal-friendly hotels, restaurants, halal food shops, halal food makers and halal products in Japan
  • A list of local and foreign halal-friendly tour operators and travel agencies to promote halal-friendly tours in the country
  • Detailed area guides to halal friendly travel in all parts of the country
  • A country-wide list of all the masjids and prayer rooms (musallahs) in Japan
  • A list of halal-friendly restaurants and hotels in various parts of the country

We welcome all the suggestions/advice to improve our services to the halal conscious Muslim travelers in Japan. So, please feel free to contact us for any issues you may have to promote the cause of halal-friendly tourism in Japan.

How We Do It?

It is pretty simple. We are creating a comprehensive halal directory of all of the below mentioned categories.
  • Online Halal Directory
    • Hotels
    • Guest Houses
    • Ryokan
    • Hostels
    • Apartments
    • Restaurants
    • Tours
    • City Guides
    • Masajid List
    • Halal Makers
    • Halal Products

Who Can Benefit From Our Experience In The Halal Industry In Japan

Halal Japan also provides general information about places of attraction etc. in Japan to know more about the country the halal and Muslim friendly way.The owner of this website studied the subject of halal for 10 years before coming to Japan during.  We know halal from inside out.  We understand the latest trends in the halal business landscape in Japan and globally. We have been running one of the largest online halal industry related newspaper, titled The Halal Times

We have been working hard to gather information about the Halal friendly hotels all over Japan. For the purpose, we visit many of these halal friendly hotels to confirm the authenticity of their halal friendly services,

We personally visit many halal friendly restaurants to get to know how they cook halal dishes and whether their dishes are prepared according to the Islamic standards defined by Shariah.

Halal Tourism Marketing In Japan

Halal Japan provides the most authentic information about Halal friendly Japan.  To do this, we travel all over the country to bring you the latest and greatest news on the halal industry in the country.

Halal Japan Rating System

We visit food marts, get images of various food products and then confirm the ingredients of the food package in question by giving a call to the makers of these food items whether it meets our strict halal standards.

Halal Business Consulting In Japan

We try to cover all the halal related news in Japan by actually visiting most of the news sources, meeting with the concerned people and then presenting it to you on these pages to make your stay in Japan the most halal friendly way possible.

Who Can Benefit From Our Experience In The Halal Industry In Japan

Following is a small list of what kind of companies can benefit by using our expertise in the local and global halal industry in Japan and the world over.

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Ryokan
  • Guest Houses
  • Airports
  • Shopping Malls
  • Car Rental Companies
  • Travel Agents
  • Hospitals
  • Attractions
  • Halal Malers
  • Airlines