halal friendly cities in japan“Is it possible for you to send by regular post to Turkey muslim friendly city guides and other related booklets for muslims planning to travel to Japan please?” These were the words we got from one of our Muslim visitior from Turkey who wanted us to send info about Halal friendly Japanese cities to our visitors. Upon receiving that message, we have seriously started making efforts to bring you the best and the latest Halal friendly info the Japanese cities have to offer you.

To help you get the latest info Japan has to offer you in terms of its Halal-readiness of its amazing cities, Alhamdulillah, we have decided to start sending you a weekly Halal-Friendly guide about its various cities and other places of attraction.

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Inshallah, we promise you one thing. You will get only the most authentic info about Halal in Japan which is so hard to obtain, keeping in view the lack of halal friendliness among most of the restaurants and hotels in the country. Just give us a chance and Inshallah, you will not be disappointed.

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