beauty salons for muslim womenChiba, Japan – Chiba, the gateway city to Japan, recently started offering Muslim or Hijab-friendly beauty services to Muslim women residing in the city.  So far, 9 salons have responded to the call of duty by ofering these services to their Muslim female clients either residing in the area or visiting Japan as tourists. These salons offer high quality Japanese beauty techniques, unprecendented level of hospitality that understands customers` religious beliefs, and, offers niwase, the Japanese way of providing hair treatments that reflect customers’ needs.

As the number of Muslims visiting Japan has been steadily increasing, many businesses have started offering their services to their Muslim clients. Beauty industry is no exception to that.  These salons offer beauty services to hijabi Muslims in a separate room with all the same conveniences as the rest of the salon: a comfortable chair with hydraulic lift, hair-washing station and mirror.  Male employees or other male customers are not allowed in this completely private area.

Up until recently,  Muslim women in Japan had difficulty finding private zones of privacy for themeselves. They would generally visit any of woman stylist either visiting the country or living here for a a hair or beauty treatment. Some These Muslim women even preferred to have their hair cuts in the comfort of their homes.

These salons felt a calling to provide their services to their hijabis-in-hair-care-need so that they could get top-notch beauty services in a secure environment.

Salient Features Of These Hijab-Friendly Salons In Chiba, Japan

  1. Female technicians only  
    All services are provided by female staff only. Male staff will not enter the service space. 
  2. Service spaces secluded from the view of men  
    Service spaces are completely secluded from the view of men, through reserving the entire store, separate rooms, separating the area with curtains or partitions, etc.  
  3. English service menus  
    Service menus in English are also available.  
  4. Halal shampoo  
    Halal shampoo made from plants is used (some chemicals used in coloring or perms may include animal byproducts; in this case,  customers will be informed in advance).  
  5. Prayer space  
    Spaces are available where it is possible to pray in peace (partitions, mats, etc. provided upon request). 
Muslim/ Hijab-Friendly Beauty Salons In Chiba
Salon Name Phone Female-Only Stylists Private Service Spaces English Service Menu Halal Shampoo Prayer Space
Active 043-273-5445 Yes Yes Yes * Yes
Gran Pramu 043-272-5040 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sachi 043-225-6674 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Salon de Beaute Cherio 043-239-6525 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bauty Parlor Show 043-247-1677 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Saison 043-225-4060 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ariel 043-271-7112 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hair Space, Rise 043-244-6757 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hair Magic Moga 043-202-5481 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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