7-Eleven, a 24-hour convenience store in Japan, has started offering halal lunch (bento) service to its Muslim customers in Otsuka, and Asakusa areas of Tokyo. The halal lunch is available in two flavors. Halal gyudon (beef bowl) and halal butter chicken curry. It costs 689 and it is stored in a refrigerator with a clear halal label on it.

Asakusa, being one of the most popular tourist spots in the city, offers lots of Halal restaurants. Halal bento (lunch box) at 7-Eleven stores in the area is a welcome addition for Muslim visitors.

A 7-Eleven convenience store in Otsuka also offers halal bento (lunch) to a large number of Muslim visitors who go to the nearby Otsuka Masjid regularly. If everything goes as planned, 7-Eleven plans to offer the halal bento in several other stores as well.

The famous convenience store, having branches all over Japan, has long term plans to introduce halal bento services to its Muslim customers in many other regions of the country as well.

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