Tokyo Organizes a Disaster Drill For Foreign Visitors

TOKYO —The Tokyo metropolitan government held a disaster drill on Sunday to test its ability to evacuate foreign tourists safely in the event that a powerful earthquake hits the Japanese capital. Under the scenario that a magnitude 7.3 quake shook Tokyo at around 8 a.m., staff working at the Tokyo Skytree in Sumida Ward escorted […]

Japan Overcoming Language, Cultural Barriers To Welcome 40 Million Foreign Tourists by 2020

Aiming to attract 40 million annual inbound tourists in 2020 when Tokyo will host the Olympics and Paralympics, Japan hopes to overcome a language and cultural gap of similar proportions within the next three years. Amid a growing mood to welcome foreign visitors with the spirit of omotenashi (hospitality), hundreds of students are already seeking […]

Many Of Japan’s Major Historical Attractions Remain Unknown To Foreign Tourists

OSAKA – Japan as a whole may be attracting record numbers of foreign tourists, but a report by McKinsey & Co. indicates that the four major historical regions of Nara, Kamakura, Nikko and Ise Shrine are almost unknown among Western tourists. The consultancy’s Japan office surveyed over 3,000 visitors from Western countries on how aware […]

Japan Training Volunteers For Tokyo Olympics 2020

As the Rio Olympics enter full swing, Japan is also gearing up for another kind of competition, namely the race to nurture volunteer interpreters for the 2020 Tokyo Games. As there will be lot of Muslim athletes and tourists during the occasion, they are also training Muslim volunteers. Next month, seven universities specializing in foreign […]

ANA Offering Free Flights For Customers To Tohoku Region Of Japan

Some travellers prefer the path less travelled – whether that means experiencing deep and authentic culture, going out of the way to see one-of-a-kind natural sights or uncovering the regional spots yet to be discovered by others. If this sounds like you, then experiencing Rustic Japan in the Tohoku (north eastern) region might be the […]

Free Wi-Fi announced for Tokyo Monorail

Tokyo:- Tokyo Monorail has announced that it will be providing free Wi-Fi on the Haneda Airport Line later this year. Monorail may become the best mode of transport for tourists coming to Japan with foreigner-friendly free Wi-Fi soon to be available between the Haneda Airport International Terminal and Hamamatsucho Stations on the Haneda Airport Line […]

12 Favorite Foods Of The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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Halal Proving A Great Business For Japanese Companies

The last four or five years have seen lot of local Japanese businesses enthusiastically embracing the concept of halal in their offerings to the Muslim visitors as well as the local Muslims living in the country. The type of industries which have, so far,  benefited from the concept include the following. Restaurants Hotels Food Stuff […]

Eid Greetings To Muslims In Japan, & Elsewhere

Halal Japan, on behalf of, sends our warmest  greetings to Muslims celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr here in Japan and around the world.  During the past month including today, we have honored our faith though prayer and service, fasting and alms-giving to the needy.  It has been a time for us all to be grateful to our […]

We Are Insha Allah, Going To Introduce Halal Products In Japan

To help local Muslims as well as temporary Muslim visitors/tourists coming from different parts of the world, Insha Allah, we are going to start introducing local and foreign halal products on these pages on regular basis. Based on our own experience in the past when we were new to the Japanese culture some twenty years […]