Ayam-YA Halal Ramen Restaurant Opens Its Branch In Okachimachi, Tokyo

“Ayam-YA”, a halal ramen restaurant originally hailing from Kyoto, has decided to open a branch of their restaurant in Okachimachi area of Tokyo. The halal ramen restaurant is located at a two-minutes` walking distance from Okachimachi Masjid near Ueno area of Tokyo.  They opened one of their branch in Kualala Lumpur last year as well. […]

How To Confirm Whether The Food Is Halal In A Restaurant?

The other day, I met with four young Muslim men from Florida, on their first-ever visit to Japan.  They were sitting in a Malaysian restaurant called Malaychan in Ikeukuro in Tokyo. They told me that, sometimes, it was pretty difficult for them to determine whether they were actually consuming halal food whenever they visited  a […]

Halal Fair To Be Held At Tokyu Honten, Shibuya

Halal Japan is pleased to announce to the Muslim visitors and others interested in world-famous Turkish cuisines that Tugba Trading, a renowned company in Tokyo offering Halal cuisines, other food related items from Turkey to Tokyo residents for the last several years. This time of the year again, they have been offering a great variety […]

Enjoy Halal Food At Om Nom Nom Restaurant, Nagoya

If you had ever wanted to enjoy real halal food in Nagoya, you would have gone to Indian/Pakistani restaurants located in the city which offered halal dishes to their guests.  However, thanks to the proliferation of some Japanese and other restaurants in the town has offered a variety to the halal cuisine lovers in the […]

Kobe Halal Food Shop

Kobe Halal Food Shop is the raw food hub for the Muslims in the surrounding areas.  This is a halal food shop run by Muslims and for Muslims.  All their foods are 100% halal.   They run an online store as well to cater to the growing needs of  halal food stuff for the Muslims, who, […]

Prime Minister Abe Hosts Iftar Dinner Party For Muslim Diplomats

Tokyo:- Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hosted on Wednesday an “iftar” dinner party, inviting ambassadors and diplomats from  around 40 Muslim countries to the prime minister’s office in Tokyo with the aim of deepening mutual understanding. In opening remarks at the iftar dinner, PM Abe expressed a desire to visit more Muslim nations soon, saying his […]

Shop Near Kansai Airport Offers Halal Lunch boxes For Muslim Tourists

OSAKA – A shop near Kansai International Airport is offering halal-certified bento (boxed meals) in a bid to serve the growing number of Muslim tourists in the area. Mabruk — which means “blessing” in Arabic — is located near the entrance of Rinku Town Station in Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture, just one stop on the train […]

Where & How To Find Halal Friendly Hotels, Restaurants In Japan?

Where & how to find halal friendly hotels, restaurants in Japan? That is the question every thinking Muslim traveler in Japan seriously asks him or herself or at least consults various online  and/or offline sources to find an appropriate answer for.  The question is not that simple that you may think, though. Thanks to the […]

Where To Find Dates Fruit In Japan During Ramadan

Ever since my childhood, I have watched at least one fruit which is being served no matter where we go during Ramadan for Iftar. That fruit is dates (a specialty of  Middle Eastern cultures).  It is served at the time of Iftar almost at every table. The dates have got an almost ubiquitous status especially […]

To Fast Or Not To Fast; That Is The Question

“Ramadan is the (month) in which was sent down the Qur’an, as a guide to mankind, also clear (signs) for guidance and judgment (between right and wrong). So every one of you who is present (at his home) during that month should spend it in fasting, but if anyone is ill, or on a journey, […]