Tokyo Hotels Offer Japanese-Style Facilities To Foreign Tourists

When Tokyo first hosted the summer Olympic Games in 1964, many Western-style hotels opened one after another to accommodate the increasing number of foreign visitors. Now that the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo is in sight, hoteliers have started to offer Japanese-style accommodation and hospitality for those who want to experience authentic Japanese culture. Foreign guests […]

Students Visit Tokyo Mosque To Get Unbiased Glimpse Of Islam

A recent wave of terror has fueled anti-Muslim hostility worldwide, fostering a negative image of Islam — a faith still unfamiliar in Japan. But Japan’s youth have been seeking answers to questions including what Islam really teaches and why it is blamed for violence. Many schools have introduced visits to Tokyo’s largest mosque in the […]

Visit Japanese Imperial Palace Without Prior Reservation

TOKYO —The Imperial Household Agency of Imperial Palace last Saturday introduced a new same-day registration system for guided tours of parts of the Imperial Palace in central Tokyo to enable visitors from all countries to see the Imperial Palace without prior reservation. This is a great news for the travelers who would like to explore […]

How To Merge Japanese & Islamic Social Values

There has been a lot of talk among the Muslims living  in Japan how great the Japanese social values are and how we, as Muslims, can adapt to the local norms and ethics prevailing in the Japanese society to play a more active role in the country. In many ways, Japanese social norms are compatible […]