Visit Japanese Imperial Palace Without Prior Reservation

TOKYO —The Imperial Household Agency of Imperial Palace last Saturday introduced a new same-day registration system for guided tours of parts of the Imperial Palace in central Tokyo to enable visitors from all countries to see the Imperial Palace without prior reservation. This is a great news for the travelers who would like to explore […]

JAL Offers Lower Domestic Fare for Foreign Visitors to Kyushu Region

Tokyo:- Japan Airlines (JAL) is offering a lower domestic fare – “oneworld® YOKOSO/Visit KYUSHU Fare” for overseas visitors in order to stimulate travel demand from overseas to the Kyushu region which consists of world-famous like Nagasaki and Fukuoka. Fukuoka being the largest city in the area has at least one masajid and several halal friendly […]

Muslim, Halal Friendly Nara

Although, I have been living in Japan for the last 20+ years, I had not got a chance to visit the beautiful city of Nara until about two months ago. Now, I am glad I did visit the wonderful city. It is a lovely place. You can easily get lost in the beautiful jungle and […]

Spring In Tokyo: My Adopted City Is Fast Becoming Muslim-Friendly

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, has never ceased to impress me in countless ways ever since I started living and working in this city some 18 years ago.  These days, it is full of visitors from all over the world as well as the locals who come  here to enjoy the mild spring, watch the […]

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